The Handbook for People with Pain + MBHM SURPRISE!

We interrupt this brief My Brain Hates Me hiatus to bring you the following announcement! As a delegate for the Power of Pain Foundation, I’ve received 25 copies of The Handbook for People with Pain,  which is a great (and short) resource guide for anyone living with pain. I’ll be mailing copies to some of my Facebook followers along with a special surprise in the month of November! If you’re living with a painful condition, or know someone who is, please click here to like MBHM on Facebook to learn how you could get a MBHM surprise along with the book! The book is available to download at!

Get a free copy at or get 1 of 25 copies personally mailed to you along with a personalized surprise from My Brain Hates Me by checking MBHM out on Facebook!


MBHM Monster Brain Shirt

My son just got back from a three week jaunt across the US. We spent the evening around the fire pit, and then he wanted to take a real shower. After weeks of camp site showers, I don’t blame him. When he came out, he was wearing his MONSTER BRAIN tee! It’s so nice to have him home. it’s been lonely around the house during the day. My dog doesn’t talk back (much.)

You can get your own MONSTER BRAIN tee here! 

Enjoy the day!

8 Ways to Live With a Chronic Illness | World of Psychology

“…I’m shifting my energy from finding a cure to learning how to “live around” the illness, turning to people with debilitating conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus, and chronic fatigue syndrome–as well as to scientists, meditation teachers, and great thinkers–for instructions on how to manage painful symptoms. Here are a few gems I have picked up, tips on how to dance in the rain … and where to find the courage to try again tomorrow.”

8 Ways to Live With a Chronic Illness | World of Psychology

Cefaly Unboxing by My Brain Hates Me [Video]

I recently received my Cefaly space princess tiara. The Cefaly is a medical device that is intended to act as prophylactic migraine treatment. I have an intractable migraine that never goes away. I’min pain 24/7, 365. My neurologist thought this might be a good treatment to try. It does require a prescription.

For more information, visit the Cefaly website:

To see me use and review the Cefaly click here! 

My Brain Hates Me VLOG!!!

I finally started my vlog…  check out my ramblings on chronic pain, life, coping, and the Youtubes!

Also, check out my blog or follow brainhatesme on Tumblr for warm, fuzzy painful realness.

Don’t you just love the still shot? “Uhhhhhh.”