On Marriage Equality

TLDR: YAY MARRIAGE EQUALITY! We’re happy… so let’s not be jerks to the people who aren’t happy. Let’s show them compassion and be decent human beings with our words and actions.

Yes, many people have hate and fear in their hearts. These people are products of culture, upbringing, environment. Slinging insults at them to make ourselves feel superior is wrong. It is wrong to call another human being a name, question their intelligence, or otherwise condescend.

There are always going to be people who hurt us. Hurting them back is never the answer.

Compassion breeds compassion. If you have a right to your opinion, they have a right to theirs. It doesn’t matter who is actually correct. What matters is that we are decent to one another and we show compassion to our fellow human beings with our words and actions.

The only hateful and ignorant comments that I’ve seen today have come from people celebrating marriage equality. I’m very thankful that my Facebook feed is full of people who welcome this much needed change. I’m disappointed that I’ve seen some ugly behaviour from those very same people, however.

None of us is perfect, but, damn it. We can be better than that. Much better. Be nice to other people and live with compassion in your heart.