10 Random Facts about My Brain Hates Me

  1. I was born in Richmond, Virginia and I will die in Richmond, Virginia, but I hope to have many miles worn into my feet between those dates.
  2. Having my son was a complete accident, and I’m honest with him about it. I don’t see anything wrong with being honest. I’m also honest with him about choosing to keep him, but that it was touch and go there. I kept him because he started making me nauseous. I kept him because he started affecting me and at that point I wasn’t letting anything happen to him.
  3. The most beautiful person I’ve ever seen probably never existed, or if she did, was probably dead… and she gave me a perfume sample. Life is weird.
  4. I cut my friendship braid out of my hair and gave it to our Danish foreign exchange student when he was leaving, but he didn’t take it with him. I found it int he drawer of a shaving mirror. I thought he would wear my braid as a bracelet and always think of me.
  5. My wedding dress doesn’t fit me right now. I know this because I try it on a few times a year, crinoline and all. I’ve never told anyone this, but it’s a truly random fact about me. For some reason I think it is magical and will let me relive that day. It still smells like that day, but every time I put it on it smells a little more like the years of marriage since.
  6. When my family is sleeping I like to walk around the house using my cell phone as a light and go into rooms we don’t use much, like the guest room or the music room. It feels different in there, less bogged down by living.
  7. I won a medal for French at the Marshall University SCORES Academic Festival when I was in High School.
  8. Christmas decorations are my favourite, followed closely by Halloween decorations.
  9. The only sodas I really like are root beer and Fresca.
  10. I got my first migraine when I was 12 years old. My granddaddy later said to me, in my teens while I was having an attack that, “it’s probably because of all the fat hanging off your skull.” That was one of the last actual conversations I had with him that I can recall before he died in my mid-twenties and that makes me sad.