Help My Brain Hate Me Less

Get an original MONSTER BRAIN tee or tank

and help my brain hate me less! NOW IN AVAILABLE IN BLACK!


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I’m trying to raise $15,000.00 to help my family with my medical and hospital costs by asking ye aulde internet for some assistance. If you’d like to join me on this mission, click here to visit my GoFundMe page and Help My Brain Hate Me Less. Shares are just as appreciated as donations!

To show my appreciation, I have different donation levels, which may sound silly, because they are all octopus themed, but each level receives different types of appreciation:

Octopus Larva ($5) – Receives a personal e-mail thank you message from me!

Pygmy Octopus ($15) – Not only receives a personal thank you e-mail, but get a shout out on my blog!

Mimic Octopus ($25) – An e-mail, a blog mention, and a thank you on my vlog!

Octopus Lover ($50) – Receives a post card from yours truly with an implied octo-hug!

Octopus Warrior ($100) – Receives a post card, plus I will sing and play my ukulele an dedicate my performance to you on my vlog!

Octo Champion ($250) – Receives a post card along with a hand-made aromatherapy pendant by yours truly!

Mighty Octopus ($500) – A post card, a pendant, and an original work of art celebrating my thanks and feelings!

Octo Deity ($1000) – Post card, pendant, original art work, and of course I’ll dedicate a song to you on my vlog for rocking my octo-world!


What do you think?

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