Lions, & Tigers, & Self Care

About a year ago I realized that my life was a delicate balance of self care, determination, and coping. As I looked around at my friends and family, I began to recognize needs in them that I had always had, but never known how to tackle until I started dealing with a chronic condition. Self care wasn’t just a thing that sick people did. It was a thing that everyone did, in a way, as a preventative maintenance for their bodies and minds.

So, I started a private Facebook group and invited some of my friends to join in on the self care conversation, and then they invited their friends… and now the group is 78 and growing.

From my Petri dish of friends, with their struggles and medical conditions and triumphs and overcoming… I have gathered a TON of self care resources.

And now I want to share those with you, with the world.

Introducing Lions, & Tigers, & Self Care – The Website. You can find us at

LTSC’s goal is to provide:

  • Resources for those in crisis
  • Information and strategies for the art and craft of self care
  • Local activities and support groups you can incorporate in your self care plan
  • Tips for motivating your friends, families, and community to join you on your self care journey

I’m adding information as I go, but the site is up for your snooping pleasure.

Get your self care on, people.

Post Script: To my friends and family, as always, this is all dedicated to you. I love you.


What do you think?

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