I started the My Brain Hates Me SSRI Diet ten days agoand I wanted to share how I feel after ten days of eating meals and snacks and well-timed carbs.

First, I have to confess that on Friday I had friends over and we had a classic sleepover with snacks and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” watching and more snacks. I’m pretty certain that I did not stay under 1300 calories on Friday. However, the benefit of having friends over and the calories burned from laughing and fighting off my ridiculous dog simply must have made up for it.

Now on to the update!

My appetite is very much under control. My every thought is not of FOOOOD. This is a tremendous change from before I started the My Brain Hates Me SSRI Diet. I’m thrilled with this development. The lack of constant food cravings alone is a huge boon to my self-confidence. I feel like I have control over my body again. Will-power is a terrible thing to feel like you’ve lost.

And I’ve lost weight. 2 pounds in total as of the 1 week mark. That’s a healthy weight-loss rate.

10 days down, 18 to go. So far so good. Until then, the MBHM SSRI Diet and I will be good friends.

If you try this diet along with me, let me know how it goes! Comment here, or talk to me on Facebook or Twitter!

Image courtesy of Paul at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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