I started the My Brain Hates Me SSRI Diet yesterday, and I thought it important to share how I feel after two days of eating meals and snacks and well-timed carbs.

I don’t feel ravenous all of the time.

This is a huge breakthrough for me. Obviously, it is far to early to tell if the change is dietary or due to my recent Botox injection or the addition of a new medication. Whatever the cause, I see no reason to discontinue the diet. I’ve been able to stick to my calorie restriction of 1300 calories or less daily and I’ve been eating protein and vegetables.

2 days down, 28 to go. If by day 28 I haven’t seen some kind of healthy weight loss, I will go back to the drawing board. Until then, the MBHM SSRI Diet and I will be good friends.

If you try this diet along with me, let me know how it goes! Comment here, or talk to me on Facebook or Twitter!

Image courtesy of Paul at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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