Special Offer for My Brain Hates Me Readers!

Reader Discount!

I designed the “Lights Out, MONSTER BRAIN” shirt for a few reasons. First, a friend of mine thought that the MONSTER BRAIN shirt in “sand” was a bit sadistic on my part. Second, black goes with everything. And lastly, I wanted a tribute to anyone who suffers from light sensitivity due to migraine or other neurological issues.

Also, I wouldn’t mind putting my MONSTER BRAIN to bed every once and a while and getting some rest.

Buying one of my shirts directly helps me pay medical debt, fill my next prescription, replace ice packs, and allows me to keep this blog going. While the blog is absolutely the least important thing on that list, it might be the most important to you… because here you are, sharing my journey.

If you’re like me, and you’re under the dictatorship of a chronic condition, maybe you can’t afford a shirt. That’s okay. I’d still appreciate it if you’d share my shirts with your friends. Heck, you can even pass along this discount!

Enjoy the shirt. Thank you for reading, commenting, supporting, and living.


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