What is Neurodiversity? | Psychology Today

“To many neurodiversity proponents, talk of “cure” feels like an attack on their very being.  They detest those words for the same reason other groups detest talk of “curing gayness” or “passing for white,” and they perceive the accommodation of neurological differences as a similarly charged civil rights issue.  If their diversity is part of their makeup they believe it’s their right to be accepted and supported “as-is.”  They should not be made into something else – especially against their will – to fit some imagined societal ideal.

The difference – and this is a big sticking point for neurodiversity opponents – is that racial or sexual orientation differences do not functionally disable a person whereas neurological differences can.  That reality makes this situation much more complicated.

It’s also worth noting that neurodiverse people generally look just like anyone else.  Therefore, when we act in unusual or unexpected ways we may elicit unwanted negative responses from an unaware public.  For that reason it’s important for all of us who are different to learn the basics of getting along in neurotypical society.  Some see this as unacceptable compromise but I see it as recognition of an unchanging (or very slow to change) reality.” – John Elder Robinson author of Image of Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's



via What is Neurodiversity? | Psychology Today.


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