“Women who love to wear a lot of makeup can sometimes be accused by others of being insecure or of being overly concerned with impressing men, but Nikkie, a Youtuber famous for her makeup tutorials and expertise, wants to change all that.

After she posted a video showing the power of makeup and how much she loves it, women started to post their own half-made-up selfies on Instagram, sharing their own insights with the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup. Some women enjoy makeup because it’s fun, others because it makes them feel better, and yet others because it’s an art form!” – via Women Post Selfies With Half-Made-Up Faces To Fight Makeup Shaming | Bored Panda.

So here’s mine: 11334673_475563892606409_854830553_n

I paint my face because it’s fun and I like how it looks. My pale, pink, freckled skin and dark circles are okay too… because they show how I really feel inside… how tired I am… and how much I hurt. I prefer my mask because it makes me feel human for a time.

My appearance is for me, just as yours is for you. Be happy with yourself.


My Brain Hates Me


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