Cefaly: Migraine Technology

Last night I placed the order for my Cefaly, the prescription only space princess tiara that’s supposed to help reduce my pain. Cefaly, according to their website, emits electrical impulses that are designed to act on the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve is the largest cranial nerve. Its mostly used for sensory processing but it’s also the nerve that helps us chew and swallow.

Facial pain that often accompanies migraine is attributed to this nerve.

When I last saw Dr. H., I discussed the space princess tiara that is Cefaly with her and she said that anything was worth a try. We also discussed the fact that, at this time, I’m not going to the Jefferson Headache Center or subject myself to further hospitalization at this time.

Her response was compassionate, if a little concerned that I’m giving up on the Headache Center for now. It’s not about giving up. It’s about risk and reward. The cost, strain, and trauma of being hospitalized is just too much for the results I get out of it.

My doctor’s next question was expected. She asked what she could do for me when she feels like she’s reached the end of her expertise. I told her she could keep me comfortable, keep me Botoxed, keep trying new medications with me. I asked if there were different pain options… there weren’t.

So I’m going to zap my trigeminal nerve with Cefaly. It should arrive soon, within the week. I’ll review it, and perhaps do a weird unboxing. Cefaly isn’t covered by insurance. It’s $349 plus $25 for a set of 3 electrodes that are supposed to be good for 20 uses each, and you also pay for shipping and handling. It takes AAA batteries. Cefaly has been approved for use in the US by the FDA for about a year. To buy Cefaly, you have to have a prescription. My doctor faxed my prescription the day she and I discussed it and I placed the order about a week and a half later. Your order must be placed within 2 weeks of the prescription being faxed.


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