Bullet-points, for brevity:

  • In a long-term disability dispute and currently without benefits
  • Not going to Jefferson for the time being because I don’t know what more benefit I can get out of it right now
  • Pain levels have been 8-10 for the past 6 months, more? Maybe…
  • Coping with meditation, Art Therapy (at reduced rates), forcing myself to be social, ukulele-ing, art, relaxation, self-hypnosis, doling out pain medication (still no more than 10 times a month) and sheer force of will
  • Suicidal thoughts are fleeting, meltdowns are prominent
  • Familial relationships and atmosphere is gloomy at best. I fear for my husband’s emotional fortitude. My son is… doing his best.
  • We are all doing our best

What do you think?

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