Hey. I made a thing. For anyone dealing with PTSD or flashbacks or sensory overload or a panic disorder who might be helped, here it is. This is a slightly adapted version of the dual awareness protocol that I use to remind me that I’m where I am, that I’m real, and that nothing bad is happening right now.

I’ve got a sticker version available at my Redbubble store (I think it’s very useful to be able to put things like this on notebook covers and inside my wallet and on the sun visor of my car and so on). I do not have any markup on this product, I’m not charging anyone who might need this to have access to a physical copy, and FYI if you order six or more of any stickers from redbubble they give you 50% off so if you want, like, five stickers of kittens and one of these you can get this sticker for a dollar.

If you think this might be helpful for you, get a few of the stickers to keep around yourself and a few to hand out to people who you trust to help you if you’re having a flashback.

Or just print them out and hand them out. This is not a thing I made to make money, this is a thing I made so that people have to spend less time in their personal hells.

*EDIT* – choixsimple mentioned that they’d like a less annoying version (sorry, I find bright colors distracting in a soothing way) and they have a good point, so I made a more toned-down version, also available as a commission-free sticker for people who might need reminders but don’t like/aren’t okay with bright colors.


What do you think?

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