New Year’s Go Fund Me Update

Happy New Year!

My husband will be driving me up to Philadelphia next month for my check-up with the Jefferson Headache Center. This will be a not-so-fun 11-12 hour round trip, including my appointment. I see my local neurologist later in the month.

For now, we’re still holding off on the Neurofeedback therapy. I ceased the treatment because we had gotten to the beginning of a new protocol that leads to more expensive sessions at the same frequency. While I initially believed the Biofeedback treatment I was receiving helped with nausea, I think that it has been the Botox all along. This is a good thing. My nausea frequency is down.

I’ve been living in the 7-10 pain range for the past few months. I’m not looking forward to the prospect that JHC is going to want to do inpatient treatment, given the short-term duration of the results. My goal is to ask for a medication switch-up either with dosages or actual type of chemicals.

I hope everyone had very happy holidays! Here’s hoping 2015 is a good head year.

-My Brain Hates Me

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