Healing Trauma

I’m still not back in Biofeedback therapy. My nausea is still somewhat quelled, so I’m going to call that a Botox triumph. Art therapy. Phew. Art therapy is entering a very interesting and threatening territory.

Trauma trauma trauma.

We’re reading Healing Trauma: A Pioneer Program for Restoring Wisdom to Your Body by Peter Levine together, my art therapist and I. The theory is that trauma in our life causes physiological responses that cause the body to react in weird ways and we have to help the body learn how to reestablish boundaries and a feeling of safety.

Trauma is a sense that our very lives are threatened.

I’ve been in situations where I’ve had that feeling more times than I can count on both hands… possibly both feet too. I lived that way for a long time.

What happens to the body of a young autistic girl who lives in a situation in which she is constantly afraid? And how will her body respond 20 years later?

My art therapist thinks that helping to heal the wounds of my trauma will help to let my brain relax. She thinks that my chronic condition will be helped. Okay, so I’m game.

But the nightmares have already begun.


What do you think?

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