Painsomnia and Peppermint

Everything is about tea right now. I had a cup of lemon ginger, and now we’re back to the standard peppermint. I’m drinking a lot of tea. It’s just good. What more is there to say about tea?

The painsomnia is in full force right now, and my head and body hurt too much to be in bed next to my husband and my dog. Anything touching my skin has to be soft or cool and if it is the wrong texture it has to be immediately removed. The entire organ that is my skin is overly aware of everything right now.

My pain is a 9 right now. I’m nauseous. My ears are ringing. This is a constant state of existence. I don’t even want to bother with my stupid DHE injection. My skin hurts too much. I am recovering from something like a cold, so I can’t take the nasal DHE. Basically, I’m just living with the pain.

When people ask me about medication, they head right for the pain killers. If you’ve followed this blog, you know I don’t take them unless I have to attempt to be human… out in public. If you’re new to my blog, welcome! I don’t take pain meds. I can take them up to ten times a month, and I have two kinds that I can kind of balance out, and I have DHE, which is a rescue medication.

I prefer ice packs, Yoga Nidra, therapy, my heated blanket, my dog, bed rest, and baths.

I’ve taken my pain medication all day. It’s not doing anything, so I’m engaging in as much aggressive self care as I can. The tea is an important part of this process. I’m making the best of it on one of our sofas until I either pass out from exhaustion, muscle relaxers maybe work, or I get to a place where I can share space.

Pain is the worst thing to invite to a slumber party.


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