Benefits & Doctors & Office Hours, Oh Really?!

I have questions about my benefits for 2015 ,and I need to have a prescription renewed. Both my doctor’s office and my company’s benefit hotline are closed until 9 AM. Well la di da.

Meanwhile, when I pulled up Dr. M.’s information, I discovered he has written a peer-reviewed article about Topamax, or rather the generic, topiramate, and it’s associated safety issues.  I think it is at once exciting and scary that research is still being done on pretty much every treatment I’ve been through. Exciting, because it means that my doctors have new information all of the time. Scary, because it means that my doctors don’t have all of the answers.

I’m well aware of the side effects the medication causes. Deja vu, jamais vu, a weird sinking feeling if I don’t take it on time, bodily temperature changes, foggy urine… it’s all fun and interesting until you start mixing up words, or stop remembering words all together.

I should also mention it makes doing math next to impossible. My accounting class is so very fun.

I hate waiting 45 minutes for information I want now. I’m grumpy and seasick.


What do you think?

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