Hello, 6/10 Pain Day, My Old Friend

I’m having what is, for me… right now… after several months in the 7-10 pain range, a decent head day.

A 6!

A 6!

6 Out of 10 on ye aulde pain scale.

I call lower pain days, “good head days” or “decent head days” depending on where they fall. This, is, as stated, a “decent head day.” My first instinct on such a day is to try to accomplish things. There is laundry to be folded, and I’d like to put my collection of My Little Ponies up in the Girl Cave. There are Christmas decorations to put up. However, I’d also like to go out with my husband this evening and put some effort into my appearance. While I don’t call myself a spoonie, because I’m not big on labels, I do subscribe to the spoon theory, and I’d like to save my proverbial spoons for some child-free quality time with my husband.

I am every suspicious of decent head days. This one comes after several days of agony. Thanksgiving hurt. It really was a physically miserable time. The food and family were wonderful. I was ouchy. No need to dwell on it, but it was bad. Now I feel a bit better and I don’t trust it. Is it the calm before a stream of 10/10 days? Possibly.

While I am wary, I’m not anxious, or stressed. The knowledge that this decent day could be the precursor to a horrid week doesn’t frighten me or make me sad. It just is. Perhaps I shall have a lovely week and feel up to accomplishing things without having to dip into pain medication.

Either way, today is a gift and I am going to use my gift as I see fit, and share it with my husband, whom I love very very much. For he is handsome and his face smells nice. So mote it be.


What do you think?

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