Thankful, Just Like Everyone Else

It’s one of those days where everyone says what they’re thankful for. Everyone looks around and evaluates their lives, and the people in them, stops, and says, “I’m very blessed.” Or, “I’m missing something.” Either way… it’s a day (in America) of retrospection.

I am very fond of holidays, and that fondness can cause me to be pretty intense and to have high expectations that can be dashed. Holidays frequently go wrong around here because I get weird. It’s tough living in pain and not being able to do the things I want to do.

I am thankful that Thanksgiving, 2014 was a success. I am thankful that I got to see my step-dad and not just talk to him on the phone. I am thankful that there are so many leftovers that we are going to be sick of Thanksgiving food because I’m insane and made way too much food. I am thankful for help when help is unexpected. I am thankful that the Help My Brain Hate Me Less campaign has raised $2340.00 of the $15,000.00 we need to deal with the ghosts of medical past, present, and future.

I am thankful for the Oxford comma.

I am thankful for my grumpy teenage son, who has his moments of sweet childishness, especially when there may be snow.

I am especially thankful for my husband. My husband not only got me through a panic attack of sorts yesterday in which I actually fussed at him for not reading my mind, but cut potatoes like a champ and washed a million dishes.

My husband is the light of my life. No matter what, I know he’s there.

That’s pretty cool.


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