Ring Holder Necklaces


Ever feel like your fingers/hands are so swollen and can’t wear your wedding ring or other special rings every day? My hands swell from day to day, my hands hurt, or I just can’t stand to wear rings (life of a spoonie…  Am I right?). These are also great for individuals who cannot wear their rings to work, or for pregnancies! 

Here’s a peek at the jewelry I have been making for these reasons:

Heart Ring Holder Necklace


Ring holder necklace ESPECIALLY FOR SPOONIES ❤


Key to my heart ring holder necklace


Solid as a rock Ring holder necklace


These sales go to my medical needs and my schooling. I  feel as though being spoonies, we do not get very “fashionable” choices. I wanted to change that!

If you like these, or know someone who would benefit from them, I ask that you please reblog and support a fellow spoonie  ❤

Here is the link to my etsy shop:


Gentle hugs,



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