M.A.P.S. Group – Honouring My Journey

My Brain Hates Me

When we live with any kind of constant Bad Thing in our lives, be it chronic pain, or abuse, or disease we suffer losses and gains along our path. At Jefferson University’s Methodist Hospital Headache Clinic I had the opportunity to take part in a group session with one of the Chaplains from the hospital. There were only two “headache” patients plus the group leader, so it was an intimate and heart-wrenching session of talking about the way our lives have been affected by constant pain.

In the session, the Chaplain asked us a number of questions that fell under different categories: Mourning, Acceptance, Perservering, and Soul Searching (M.A.P.S.). Here is how she defined each category:

Mourning losses that resulted from your headaches.

Accepting where you are now in your journey.

Perservering in the midst of pain.

Soul Searching and asking yourself questions about who you are and what you…

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