My Choices Have Nothing to do With You


People DO NOT get tattoos, piercings, change their hair colour, cut their hair, wear lots of makeup or no makeup, reveal parts of their body, cover up parts of their body, lose weight, gain weight, or DO ANYTHING else TO THEIR BODY FOR YOU. They do these things for themselves.

Saying things like, “she must wear a lot of makeup because she lacks self confidence;” or, “he has lots of tattoos because every other hipster in town does,” is presumptive, lacking fact, obnoxious, and shaming someone for a choice they made about how to present themselves to the world.

People are free to do what makes them feel beautiful. If you don’t like it, keep your snippy comments to yourself. Otherwise, learn to celebrate personal choice. Remember, it’s okay not to like someone’s clothes, or hair colour, or application of eyeliner. We have a right to find things aesthetically unappealing. But we don’t have to be jerks about it, now do we?


What do you think?

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