Huzzah! Biofeedback Bronze!



2 thoughts on “Huzzah! Biofeedback Bronze!

  1. Hello, I’m reading your blog posts and I can fully relate. Over the last several years the frequency of my migraines has increased. I’m 53.
    Sumatriptan works for me, (I can’t take NSAIDS), but I’ve reached the max dosage per month. I had Trigeminal Neuralgia 7-8 years ago and I have developed it again (less intense than before) in the last few months.
    I have Tegretol XR from the neurologist which might help migraine pain. I took it in past for TGN. I haven’t wanted to start it yet because I want to see what the acupuncture does for me. Oh btw, my neurologist does acupuncture.
    I spend too much reading on my Mac which does not help (it’s to keep my mind active and provides entertainment; I haven’t worked in 6 years). I’m in an uncomfortable yet comfortable rut right now and need some better habits; thinking of trying gentle, gentle massage again.
    I can’t really afford any of this but as Margaret Mitchell wrote, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”
    If you’re willing to share, I’d like to know why you never mention Zolpidem (Ambien) for sleep. I’ve been taking it for 10+ yrs now. I’ve always had insomnia but I developed fibromyalgia in my thirties and started taking it in my forties. I don’t know if I’ve finally adapted to that pain or if it has gotten better because it doesn’t feel like it used to. I did find out that I had a severe Vitamin D deficiency and getting my Vitamin D level up seemed to alleviate it. I still have loads of other aches and pains.
    To paraphrase Lawrence Ferlinghetti [I’m waiting endlessly and forever.. for relief.]
    Kind Regards,
    Fellow Miggy


    • Hi there!

      I’m so sorry the frequency is increasing. It’s stressful. It’s wonderful that your neurologist is trained in alternative medicines!

      I very much live by the philosophy of thinking about it tomorrow. why worry today about things that I can’t really fix? Of course I do worry about those things and those things keep me awake in addition to the pain. I have taken Ambien. It was given to me during one of my hospital stays at the Jefferson Headache Center. I have asked both my neurologist here in Richmond to try it and my neurologist up there and both feel that with my condition it may not be so great to mess with the mix and put me on something for sleep long term. I’m hoping that I am a candidate for biofeedback and that it will help with my sleep issues. I take clonazepam to help with sleep and have a muscle relaxer in times of urgent need… which, really… is every night. But I try not to overdo it.

      I’m in pain constantly. I take all kinds of supplements. My iron was low. But I was fine everywhere else. It’s exhausting to be in pain all the time.

      I hope you continue to find things that work for you and wish you luck. I’m glad you found my blog and reached out. Please continue to do so. It’s important to not feel alone with our pain.

      – My Brain Hates Me


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