Educating the Family

I’m trying to expose my family to Autism in the media. We watched “Temple Grandin” together, and right now I’m watching “House of Cards” with my son, after much protest from him. 

Autism makes my family uncomfortable. There are lots of “I think in pictures” jokes that get bandied about. I have a thick skin. I’m used to being made fun of and the things I care about being made fun of. It’s hurtful, though, when I’m trying to share how I’ve experienced the world all my life. 

I just want to be known. I don’t want to be known as autistic. I want to be known as me. I want to be understood. That’s all we all want.

I’ve been hiding so much because I was taught it was shameful to act that way. I can fake it.

But can I real it?



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