Withdrawal Symptoms – Migraine Preventatives

In keeping with my headache specialists new plan of attack for my Monster Migraine, I’ve been steadily coming off of medications. First, Topamax, and then Nortriptyline. I’m down to 75 mg of Nort and off of Topamax completely.

I knew that the Topamax had fully left my system when Fresca started to taste like Fresca again. Topamax makes soda, and many other things, taste awful… like rotting garbage water. Even Dasani water tasted “bad.”

The worst bit has been the shakes. I have been getting extremely cold (like I did when I first went back on the Topamax and would miss a dose or take a dose too late.) I have also had that “melting into the floor” feeling.

I’ve been in a general state of anxiety. My head has consistently hurt all the way across my forehead all week as opposed to the pain just centering on my left eye. I feel unsettled inside… like I’m vibrating. The pain is in my left shoulder. I’ve been nauseous most of the week since I stopped the Topamax.

I’m at a 9 on the 1-10 migraine pain scale where 10 is the worst headache I’ve had in my life. I feel exhausted and floaty, as if I’m not attached to the pain, but just aware of it- like a dream. The left side of my body feels like knives are grazing the skin. The left side of my face, especially my left eyelid, feel like they’re burning. I used an ice pack for 20 minutes but it only served as a distraction and did not ease the pain itself. Having it touching my face was worse than no ice pack at all. 

I’m certain that coming off of the Topamax has been a step backward but I won’t have a true unmedicated baseline until I am off of the Nort. as well.

This blog entry is disjointed and more a record for my own future reference.


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