My Annie Hall Phase

Today’s session with Dr. B. was less traumatic. We talked about clothes most of the time.

Dr. B. has a Star Trek mug on his desk.

He asked me about my relationship with other children when I was little. I told him about my best friend G. and about My Little Ponies and Pony Land. I also told him about being called a monster and kids running away from me on the playground and all of my extracurricular activities being insulated by my mother.

He said I seem to like to be in control, and asked me to talk about that, so I talked about changes that frighten me and self-initiated changes and adventures that don’t.

He is going to seek authorization for testing time for me to be screened for Asperger’s. He says that he’s not sure that it’s Asperger’s and not just a whole heap of anxiety pild on top of a life of trauma and being misunderstood. He says that I might just be really quirky because I’m intelligent.

He should have word back by next week.

He asked me lots of questions about what I wore as a child. I wore boxer shorts and black tee shirts, and men’s dress shirts and ties for several years.


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