Activity Hangover

For the entirety of my life I have had to “recover” from social activity. Interacting with other people exhausts me on such a deep level that I’m tired and I feel closed off for hours and sometimes days later. 

Since the onset of my Monster Migraine, activity and social interaction have come with a far deeper price. I literally feel “hungover” for days after.

Yesterday I had two medical appointments, walked around a store, and attended an award function at my son’s school, then talked to D. on the phone for 90 minutes. After not having slept well for well over a week (don’t get me started on my months of Topamax/pain induced sleeplessness on top of lifelong insomnia issues) I passed out at midnight last night and slept until around 1PM this afternoon. I did take a Seroquel this morning at eight, which never knocks me out, but does help to keep me asleep if I’m sleepy. The sleep is so very welcome.

My head is full throttle, level 9 pain. I feel muddy and overwhelmed and dizzy. My ears are ringing.


4 thoughts on “Activity Hangover

  1. I can relate so much with having to recover from social activity. I say that my “social battery” is full and it gets filled up by all the things that make me feel uncomfortable… long college days, doctors appointments, talking on the phone, going out alone, the list goes on! The battery just keeps filling up and I have to get home and be completely alone to be able for it to drain back down again so I can deal with the next day. If I dont get my alone time, the battery just keeps building up and overflows and then usually I get really tired and depressed and short tempered. Sometimes if its been a really difficult day, I just will have to get home and let it all out(cry, be angry etc) and then patch myself back up and usually im fine. Its like a way to quickly drain the battery when its got all too much.


    • I have always thought of mine in terms of a “social meter” like in the Sims games… as if I have this little meter over my head that fills up and then, once full, I’m wiped out. The opposite is also true though, if my social meter stays empty for too long I get irritated easily. I have to carefully select the kind of social activity with which to fill my bar. Work and appointments overfill me on a daily basis. Weekends are typically my recoup time, but since that is “my time” I like to pursue my interests. But I’m so wiped out.


      • Yeah I can understand the fact you have to carefully select the kind of social activity that fills up your bar. I try to make sure the battery is being filled up with stuff that really needs doing, like family occasions and appointments and college. Its like I preserve space for important stuff.


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