So let’s do a quick rundown, shall we?

– Botox treatment for Monster Migraine 2012 is still not doing anything other than making my eyebrows look weird

– The higher dosage of Topamax is now counteracting all of the other medications that are supposed to make me sleep better, and I’ve had sleepless nights and nights where I’ve only slept 3-4 hours. This can’t be good for my head

– My insurance company closed my Short Term Disability Claim… BUT MY AWESOME HEADACHE SPECIALIST READ THEM THE RIOT ACT THIS MORNING. She called and left a message informing me that she had just re-faxed all of my paperwork and called them. I don’t have to appeal. She told them to reopen my claim, and they are! I am going to send her a card. I love her so much!

– I really was joking last night when I told my son that we were having a Halloween party just for three of us. I was playing the Halloween party music channel on Pandora and wearing my dumb Halloween hat. My husband really saved the holiday when he came out of the bedroom wearing that damned chicken costume. Our lazy Halloween party was a success. I adore my family. We can take something so simple and make a big, weird deal out of it. I am so lucky that I am married to an insane person and have a son that doesn’t realize his parents are absolutely nutso. Or perhaps he does, and he just goes along with out craziness because he thinks it’s good therapy for the crazy people.

– My husband is finally seeing a dermatologist about a questionable spot on his nose. He’s a brick mason and I have been after him to check with a doctor about a small blemish that hasn’t healed for weeks. I hope it turns out to be nothing. My husband is too handsome to have his face cut up

– I’m not feeling so hot today. I originally planned to go to the doctor with my husband but I think I might have to stay in. I dislike that my neurological condition runs my life!


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