My Tiny Botox Hat

Getting Botox wasn’t that bad. The injections in my forehead stung, but numbed pretty quickly. The injections into my scalp and the back of my neck and my shoulders really hurt. I suppose I’m ultra-sensitive there. About ten minutes after leaving the neurologist’s office I experienced a stabbing pain over my right eye, and I’ve had this weird feeling ever since.

It feels like I’m wearing a hat that’s many sizes too small and has little teeth digging into my skin… and the hat is spinning. Napping was my friend. I’m not supposed to watch TV or read or use the computer excessively (ehem). Even if the pain stops I’m supposed to keep things quiet so I don’t make my brain act up.

It’s supposed to take about a week for the Botox to actually act fully so I will… I don’t know… maybe I’ll start knitting. Knitting is quiet.


What do you think?

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